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Customer Service Isn't a Division, It’s Integration

So you have a CX team, you're good to go... Right? In so many businesses, that is as far as CX ever gets. In this episode of TABLEtalk, we will be discussing why CX is not just a division in your company but rather a culture that you need to adopt across the organization. Without integration, you'll never have the CX that you want.

Join Matt Crocker and April W Sullivan as they chat about the need for revolutionary customer experience and how TABLE can help you achieve that goal.

TABLEtalk Topics

The silo conundrum

Why mono division thinking has impacted customer service

Breaking the mold

How to get a whole company on board with an idea

Top down, bottom up

Why everyone needs to be on board

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Meet Your Hosts

Matthew Crocker

Marketing Director

Marketing, training, and sales have been a vital part of Matt’s work portfolio for nearly two decades. From his early days at Sony Electronics to his time at Samsung and other industry tech giants, Matt has honed his ability to deliver a quality experience to customers and build motivated and empowered teams. Now the Director of Marketing at TABLE, Matt is focused on helping businesses and organizations get the most from a digital-first world through excellent experiences.

April W Sullivan

VP Marketing

April specializes in growth and acquisition for new startups. April also runs the digital agency MangoDrop, and is an investor and advisor in small startups and nonprofit organizations. Previously, she was the Director of Product and Marketing for Fitlab, a VC that partners with iconic athletes and sports brands. In addition, April was the Marketing Director for Renren’s Real Estate Technology Group, which is made up of Chime Technologies, Geographic Farm, and Sindeo; Global Marketing and Developer Community Manager at SmartThings (acquired by Samsung).

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